Am I Too Fussy? Or, Why I Don’t Do Subscription Boxes Anymore

I quit subscription boxes cold turkey.  There were a few things that I discovered through them that I liked, but to get to those I had to wade through tons of colors that didn’t do my skin tone any justice, textures that were off-putting, and hair products that made me look a hot greasy mess.  Not to mention crap sample packaging that didn’t work for the product itself- one particular example is a brow product from a company that I will give the benefit of the doubt (see what I did there?), that was lacking a wiper in the tube so all of the product came out when I pulled the wand out.  Ew.

I.  Was. Over. It.

Most of the useless samples have been tossed in the trash or passed on to someone who they would flatter.  Or someone who had completely different hair from me.  But a few have been hanging around for 6 months or so… let’s take a peek, shall we?

Wrong Color- way too blue-pink for this girl:


Wrong color- way too BROWN:


Could not get this guy open at all most of the time.  Also, the bronzer was sparkly and entirely too dark for me:


Icky sticky texture:


Icky dry texture:


Eyeliner that melted off of my eyes and accentuated my under-eye creases:


Two products featuring the fattest of fat eyeliner tips.  Are you kidding me with this??  That Eyeko one would take up my ENTIRE lid:


Here’s a swatch (Eyeko is in the middle.  One positive note: It didn’t come off.  Even with waterproof remover it left a blue stain on my hand for the rest of the day):


The bottom swatch in that picture is this- good brush but the product didn’t dry before it ran into my eyes and made those little black congealed worms at the inner corners.  NOT APPEALING.  I do not put on makeup to look like a rotten zombie girl.  Ew:


I think that about sums it up.  How many duds have been in your beauty box/bag subscriptions?  Is it still worth it for you?

P.S. I will say that one thing I do still get is the Walmart Beauty Box, and that’s because it’s $5 to cover shipping and you get a good selection of drugstore product samples to try out along with some coupons.  Mostly bath and skincare, but still fun to try and cheap enough that I don’t feel robbed.  Heck, sometimes they even throw a full sized product in there!  I don’t count it as a subscription box because it’s only three or four times a year.



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