Yeah, I Freaked Out

Hey Internet Makeup Lovers.  You might have noticed that I’ve been gone for umm… about 6 months.  It was a completely unplanned absence.  For a while I felt guilty but then I decided to let it go until I was feeling better about things, and now I think I’m ready to come back.

Why the long disappearing act?  I freaked out a little bit.  I started getting offers for free product from a couple of companies and I didn’t know if that was something I wanted to be involved in.  Does free makeup mean I have to give glowing reviews since I didn’t pay for it?  Does it mean that I wouldn’t have any control over my content?  Do I have to come up with a way to firmly tell companies that just because they send me something doesn’t mean I will mention it, let alone rave about it?

I don’t know!  Still, 6 months of pondering has gotten me no closer to a decision.  For now, rest assured that all content is my own and any products I talk about are purchased with my own money from a regular store.  If I’m lucky they’re on sale or I used a coupon.

Anyway, here’s a few things to tease you with until there’s another post:

I went to New Orleans in February and visited a local perfume shop.Hove

I took this selfie in December because I liked how my lip color, and this picture is fun since you can see the reflection of my phone and my face in my sunglasses.  So artsy.  Like I did that on purpose.selfie

I’ve been playing with a couple of cushion foundations and I actually like them (at least for the times when I can be bothered to wear foundation).

I tried a fake tattoo and I really liked it!tattoo new

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