Review: Blotterazzi by Beautyblender

I went on a bit of a binge at good ol’ Sephora this week.  I keep an on-going tally of products I want to check out and there are some incredible deals coming out in holiday gift sets, so I like to think I am a smart shopper who is oh-so-loyal to my many readers.  That’s right, Dear Reader, I do this all for you.  This isn’t a blog to support a makeup shopping habit that probably should be curbed.  Oh no, writing this blog is an act of altruism.  (And if you believe that…  you will pretty much believe anything.  Hey, did you know Abraham Lincoln invented the internet?)IMG_20151028_164519

The first purchase I want to talk about is the very polarizing Blotterazzi blotting sponge by BeautyBlender.  The first time I heard of this thing was when Allison Janney famously threw hers off-stage at the Emmy Awards this year, which was held in hell (I only assume so because everyone was sweating and shiny).  (I’m reading over this and “famously” seems like a stretch.  Famously to the beauty-obsessed maybe.)  Lo and behold: unless Lady Gaga is planning to make a dress out of hundreds of them, Blotterazzi probably got the best free publicity any company could ever hope for when it comes to a product like this.  Since I love Allison Janney and basically want to be just like her when I grow up, I was curious about this blotting product she was using.  I, like many many others out there, use the BeautyBlender sponge for applying makeup, so I just had to try the blotter.IMG_20151028_164552

I don’t have oily skin, in fact my skin veers more towards the dry side of the spectrum.  But sometimes products just sit on my face all day, and never really sink in.  There seem to be certain combinations of moisturizers and powders that make this happen, and by lunch I have to drag out the blotting papers and dab off some grease.  Enter the BLOTTERAZZI!IMG_20151028_164618

The reviews on makeupalley and on the Sephora website are decidedly mixed.  People either love or hate this thing.  I think part of the trick is that since this is a  dry sponge you have to hold it to your face for several seconds to let the sponge soak up any oils that are there.  It won’t instantly take shine down the way blotting papers do.  But I have to say I am impressed with the finish it leaves.  It hasn’t disturbed my makeup, and it doesn’t take away ALL of the shine.  It leaves my skin slightly, naturally, dewy.  Not flat-matte.  I also really like the shape- this can fit all of the contours of your face just by re-positioning the sponge.IMG_20151028_164637

$20 US gets you 2 blotting sponges, a plastic, teardrop shaped, vented compact with a mirror,  and a clear plastic divider to keep oils from transferring from the dirty sponge to the clean one.  My package also had a sample of their liquid blendercleanser, but any water-soluble cleanser will work on Beautyblenders.  You need to wash these fairly often to keep from transferring bacteria back on to your face (ew).  There’s a story that this is more environmentally friendly than blotting papers but I don’t know about all that.  The process of manufacturing a rubber sponge can’t be any better than paper, and washing these with water vs throwing out tissue paper seems like a wash to me.  But I feel like this is a really innovative product on the market and I’m enjoying mine.  The compact is light but has a nice feel to it, and it fits easily into my purse.IMG_20151028_164546


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