Color Club Holographic Nail Polish in Halo

OOOoooohhhh I have found an awesome nail polish for anyone who likes sparkle.  Or rainbows.  Or an ’80s throwback.  It’s available on amazon for under $8.00.  It isn’t Prime shipping but I got it within 4 days.  The drying time is good, this lasts a couple of days before it chips but I don’t care how long it lasts (or doesn’t) because here’s what happens:


At first it just looks like a light pink super shimmery nail polish.  What’s the big deal?


Until you start looking at your fingers in different lights.


And then in the glitter you start to see a bunch of irridescent “holographic” effects.


And it is SO hard to photograph and do it justice!

This nail polish comes in a bunch of different colors.  I also have a color called Beyond which is a dark grey with the same effect on it.  I wish I could get pictures but none of them have really captured the way this polish looks in the sun in real life!  The pink wears better because little chips don’t really show, (and they will definitely show up in the gray) but again, I don’t care.  The effect is beautiful.

If you’d like to see all the colors, I have found this blog really helpful for swatches of almost any nail polish you can imagine.


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