Now I’m going from a glamorous perfume post to a really-not-glamorous but super useful beauty tools post.

Let’s talk about tweezers.

My first “good” pair of tweezers were from Tweezerman in the 90s and I loved them and I lost them.  My next pair of tweezers were form Tweezerman and I loved them and I dropped them in the late 2000s.  Bye bye tweezers.

The next two sets of Tweezermans weren’t that great.  Instead of pulling out hair they tended to cut it off.  The last pair I got at CVS and they are maybe the worst tweezers I’ve ever used.

I was going to get another pair until I realized that MAYBE I shouldn’t buy from that brand anymore (I know, I’m a smart one).  They used to be the best and I was buying them out of habit, but not anymore.  I don’t know what’s happened in the past 5 years or so but the quality has fallen off and I figured there has to be something better.


I logged on to Amazon and did a search for tweezers.  This pair from Classic Necessity had 95% five star reviews.  And they were a third of the cost of my comparable Tweezermans!


And guys, there are really REALLY good.  Try them.  The alignment is perfect, and they get the little bitty brow hairs, blond ones that I can’t even see, and pull them out easily.  I don’t have to clamp down on the handles to get them to pull anything out like I did with my old ones.  And they don’t cut anything, they just pull.


I wouldn’t normally rave about TWEEZERS, but seriously, these are great.  And cheap.



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