Why Makeup? What Is This Blog All About?

Some friends outside of the blog world have expressed surprise or confusion about my starting a makeup blog.  I am not an obvious beauty junkie.  I wear makeup, but not gobs of it (usually), and as I’ve gotten older my preferences have calmed down some.  But I LOVE makeup.  I read blogs, watch makeup videos on youtube, and read product reviews semi-obsessively.  I try out all kinds of things and love getting to compare high- and low-ends of the spectrum.  And I have a lot of opinions about what is good and what I think my money should be spent on.

this is the drawer of
this is the drawer of “everyday” makeup

As expectations grow, and the market grows, drugstore brands have been forced to improve their products to stay competitive, which is good for us as consumers.  There are a few things that I will buy high-end (skincare “treatments”, shampoo, palettes), but there are many more things (I’m looking at you mascara) that I just can’t justify buying high-end when I know there is (or has to be) a comparable product for not even a third of the cost.  So something I plan to focus on will be high- vs low-end dupes (meaning they are interchangeable products).  I’ll also share drugstore makeup that I think is just awesome.

Brushes!  Tools!
Brushes! Tools!

I plan to talk about feelings around makeup, particularly for those who have very little makeup experience.  I want to talk about HOW to buy makeup, where to go to make your purchases, and what you should look for.  I will talk some about application (which means yes, I am going to share my makeupless face for the entire world at some point), and different techniques to get the look you want.  Like 99% of the population I have a face that is far from perfect, but I think it would be helpful to see how a non-model can use products to improve or enhance her appearance.

In addition to all that, I am a fragrance fanatic, so perfume will absolutely be a topic of conversation.  As my nose has developed I have discovered that perfumes that smelled very “old lady” to me a decade ago are amazing works of art.  Like any other art, it takes time to develop a palette and appreciation for something different.

All that said, on to the pretty!  Please let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas- I would love to add them to my list.


One thought on “Why Makeup? What Is This Blog All About?

  1. Love this post…I have a similar beauty philosophy and love finding good dupes. I’ve had my blog for a little over a month now and when I tell my friends I’ve been writing about makeup and how fun it’s been, they have the same reaction lol 🙂

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